When it comes to website management, choosing a CMS that makes it easy to design and manage is what many professionals want. Most look for a system that they can manipulate without involving a CMS expert. The key features to check when shopping for a platform include the ease of use, the language used to create it, the elements and the people using it and user-friendliness. Below are some common platforms and their features.


A robust community and great features such as the taxonomy module back this CMS. It has many features that allow fixing of optional modules such as blogs, forums, and Open IDs. Although Drupal can be complicated for beginners, its dominant features make it an excellent choice for many who want a reliable system that is free and an open source.



This platform is easier to set up, unlike the Drupal. Carefully following the instructions can help a beginner set up the system in no time. Joomla can work even for blogs although it was not initially created to support them. The CMS has at least 2300 extensions that make it possible to personalize a website. This also means that you can add any functionality you desire with the help of the available extensions. Just like Drupal, Joomla is ideal for sophisticated sites because it is a complete CMS. One of the notable features is the administration frontier, which makes it easier to manage the site.

Text pattern

This system loads fast because it is lightweight. Although it does not come with a lot of plugins and features, you can always buy from third parties. It is user-friendly with an administrative interface that even beginners can find easy to navigate. Rather than use WYSIWYG, the system uses textile markup, which helps make the pages lightweight for faster loading. The primary goal of the CMS is to offer elegant, well-structured pages that meet the set standards.

Other content management systems include Cushy, Silverstripe, Typelight, WordPress among others.


WordPress CMS

Why Choose WordPress for SEO

Currently, the most popular blogging CMS, WordPress is easy to use and comes with many features. It is excellent for beginners and is backed by an active community. It requires no programming, is ideal for websites of all sizes and involves very little to no technical work. This means that anyone, even those who have never created a site can do it with ease. The best part is, WordPress is not only excellent for blogging but also for SEO and online ranking.

Even when you do not have any SEO or marketing knowledge, with minimal effort, you can find the site’s pages ranking well on Google search engines. The primary reason a business creates a website is to bring in traffic that translates into business. When one has the choice of using a system that makes this easier, why not go for it.

Why do WordPress Pages Rank Faster?

Every time you add new content to your site, Google gets automatic notifications from the CMS. You do not have to remind Google to crawl your site or wait for days before it decides to check if there is anything fresh to index. These automatic notifications make new content to rank higher on search engines. More people can get to see the more recent information, driving more traffic to your site. Also, the simple structure WordPress sites have makes search engine crawling easy, which helps index all the pages on different search engines.

To achieve success from websites or blogs, understanding SEO strategies is essential. For a beginner, complex functions may hinder them from experiencing the full potential of a site. Many sites call for one to have immense SEO and online marketing knowledge. This is not the case with WordPress. The way the CMS is created makes it possible to experience some degree of success without a lot of knowledge.

SEO is the most critical aspect of site marketing. Proper SEO strategies are crucial to achieving online success. One of the things that make WordPress appealing to many people is the fact that it guides you all the way. Even if you do not know what to do, the simple, step-by-step procedures and explanations help you understand why SEO is important and how to go about it.

There is a lot that the system helps you achieve such as proper metadata, HTML links that systems can understand, permalinks, meta titles and headings, image optimization and easy content creation. You do not have to buy these features, but they come in the same package as the CMS. This enables you to create content that ranks quickly without making any further additions.

The many Plugins and Themes

When choosing a theme, you need to take into consideration the type of business you run. For instance, the theme to choose for a mental health facility may not be the same as one for a lifestyle blog. The type of theme you opt for determines whether clients will stay on the site or they will jump to the next more appropriate website. WordPress provides many themes, which can be suitable for mental health professionals. The themes are SEO optimized; they do not just add relevance and appeal to visitors, but they also help the site search engine ranking.

Many plugins support the site’s functionality. The most common ones include Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack. Yoast breaks down the optimization process making it quick and understandable. The plugin applies to every page, which improves your SEO efforts helping pages rank well. Other than optimizing the pages, Yoast also takes care of robots and sitemaps and has excellent copywriting tips.

Plugins make it easier to manage a WordPress platform. You do not have to do everything manually. It saves you time; even when you are not around, things run smoothly on the site. For instance, as a busy mental health professional, you may not have the time to keep on updating the content. You can schedule the platform to make new postings now and then. Your readers get fresh content even when you are too busy to upload it yourself.

The Ability to Customize

The more your website is unique, the higher the chances that it will appeal more to your visitors. Google checks the time visitors spend on your site and the number of pages they click. If visitors find your website appealing, they will stay longer and even check other pages which increases your ranking. If you go for ready to use themes, you can still customize to make them more appealing to your profession.

Also, you get the chance to customize content on every page. You do not have to duplicate content, which leads to Google, penalizing you. The themes are also responsive, especially if you choose recent ones. Customizing a theme might sound like a complicated affair especially for a beginner, but this is not so with WordPress. You do not have to code anything, just click the options available to get the desired effect.

Mobile Friendly

Google demands that all sites should be mobile friendly. This criterion alone can determine your site’s ranking. All WordPress themes must be mobile friendly. You do not have to create a mobile-friendly version of your site. The CMS is also very safe, and you also get social media support. Your followers can still get to interact, and share your content on social platforms. The more your site’s content is shared on social media platforms, the higher you rank on Google search engines.

WordPress is ranked the best CMS when it comes to SEO. Gone are the days when it was just for blogging platforms, but serious websites can also use the system and get rewarding results. Its stability, numerous plugins, themes and a robust community make WordPress CMS ideal for all online professionals. Its ease is not only experienced by the site owners but by visitors as well.

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