Building up a mental health practice takes time. You have to accumulate clients and patients who are willing to make long-term commitments to their appointments. For that reason, having a good website and investing in online marketing can help you grow your private practice by making more people aware of you and your practice. You probably already know at least a little bit about search engine optimization and how to use it to get more visitors to your site. Making use of all the SEO tools and techniques will push your site up in Google search results. What fewer people know is that optimizing your site for your local market is even more powerful. Local SEO is a relatively new area because Google only recently began to emphasize local searching and local businesses in its results. However, now that local SEO is a part of the Google algorithm, it’s time for you to learn about how local SEO for private practice works and how you can take advantage of it for even better SEO outcomes. In this post, we will discuss how to grow your private practice with localization, new local SEO and private practice concepts.


When people are looking for a therapist or other mental health practitioner near them, it is because they are trying to find a referral or a practice that they can attend. You want them to get as much important information about your practice as possible and as soon as possible. The principles of local SEO for private practice state that if you can add local tags and keywords to your site, you will show up higher for anyone who searches for terms like “therapy near me” or “psychologist in City Name”, where City Name is wherever you practice. Make sure your site clearly states your address and full location in multiple places along with your phone number, name, and hours of operation. All of these can pop up right on the search engine results page without requiring a click or tap. Putting that information right in front of searchers will catch their eye and help them discern right away if you will be a good fit. Local SEO for private practice is about making that happen for people close enough to be good clients.
This is even more important when you consider the fact that half or more of your searches will probably be from people on mobile platforms, where local SEO in private practice can be more effective. They have small screens and they are usually distracted or multitasking, so giving them immediate information is the best way to get their focus. Sometimes for initial contact, all that matters is that your location, dates, and times are appealing, and with the right website design according to local SEO for private practice that information will come up on Google.

Immediate Access

Another good reason to make this information available is to take advantage of fast decision-making. The theory of local SEO for private practice is that when it comes to any business or service, searchers often search because they are thinking about something and they are willing to invest right away. If your information is right in front of them, then there is a very good chance that they will just give you a call because it is convenient and they have an immediate need. On mobile search, having a correct phone number will let people call in just by tapping the number on the search page. Local SEO in private practice helps potential clients find you faster and with less effort.
The goal of the website and of local SEO for private practice is to grow your private practice by giving you more opportunities to find clients, so the more people call you or read about your practice, the better. You can reduce the time you need to grow your private practice with good local SEO execution. Yes, some people will want to read all the details of your areas of specialty and the history of the practice, but others will just call the first few numbers they see when they do a search. Both of these are valid beginnings to a therapeutic relationship and both can result from proper local SEO for private practice.

Local SEO fro Private Practice
How to Localize

Applying local SEO to grow your private practice is easier than it may seem. Local SEO for private practice is all about making sure that

Google understands that your business is located in a certain place, because then Google will boost your site to the top when people look for your kind of service in that place. For example, if one of your usual keywords is “Dr. John Abrams family therapy” then you can add “Dr. John Abrams family therapy in Chicago” to make it local. Adding locations to your keywords is the first step. Focus on cities and counties.
The next thing to do after that is to get listed on directories. These will be a valuable repository of information for consumers as well as a way to earn additional trust from Google’s algorithm. For local SEO in private practice, Psychology Today, ZocDoc, and similar sites are your key directories. Get your practice listed on those and make sure the listings have the same correct name, address, and phone information as your site. Even the smallest typo or inconsistency can affect your results and make it harder to grow your private practice.
If possible, work local keywords into all pages, into the meta tags, and across as much of the site as you can. This maximizes the odds of one or more of your pages getting a good match to a person searching in your area.

The Competition

It is a good idea to take some time to check out what other people in your area are doing for local SEO in private practice. See how many images they use, how often they use their keywords, whether they have a blog, and so on. Having all of this feedback will help you build your own site by learning from what works and what


does not work. Go through your keywords and see which competing practices come up ahead of you on Google results. Focus your efforts on them, because they have one or more design elements that are succeeding and are properly using local SEO for private practice. If you want to grow your private practice, learn about how other people grew theirs.

The final word is that local SEO for private practice development could be what makes the difference between breaking even and expanding. Local SEO has come a long way in the past few years. You have a limited number of appointment slots and you want to get them filled. The best way to do that is to get the phone number and other basic information for your practice in front of as many local people as you can. Some of them will call, and some of those people will make appointments. Local SEO for private practice is just a marketing tool like any other. What many companies do is outsource the work of a local SEO overhaul to a marketing and SEO firm that operates in the same market. That way you can focus on working with your clients instead of tweaking your website.
Whatever you decide, think about just how much local SEO is capable of accomplishing for you. It is highly likely that you have at least a little traditional SEO work done on your site, and from there local SEO for private practice is not much additional effort. Some tweaks and alterations could carry a lot of weight in your outcomes.

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