Branding for Mental Health Counselors


What is a brand?


Brand is not just a logo or advertising even though most people think it is. It is meaning behind what you do or want to do. What do people think about you? What do they say? What do they feel? What do they say about you as a counselor? Do you get a lot of repeat business by word of mouth? Are people recommending you to others? Do they understand what you do? Do many people in the community know what you do? Try to answer these questions as honest as you can because it will help you decide what to do next.



Day 2

What is the purpose of your brand?


You know that a brand is simply put a sum of all things that create a meaning but what is the purpose of your brand?  Why is it important to your business or your life?  Is your purpose driven by ambition, talent, money etc.?  Are you passionate about what you do?  Does it seem like work to you? Is the brand the extension of your personality and who you are?  The best brands are those that express emotion and are an extension of our lives. They are not some made up things without any connection to who you are. People know your story and your brand reflects it. Imagine that you are a single mom who loses her son to drugs and decides to become an addiction counselor to help educate other moms about dangers of drugs.  This is your story and your brand is a reflection of your story. Your brand is the sum of meanings that are behind what you do. It shows feelings and engages the public to know more, be loyal and spread the news. Think about your story. What are you passionate about?


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