Are you a mental health counselor who’s looking to jumpstart your career?

Or, have you had a successful career, and would like to bring in new clients?

If one of these descriptions applies to you, building a practice WordPress website will help you prepare to create a professional website. This will help you land countless clients in the future, and network with countless website counselors.

It used to be very difficult to build a website. You’d have to master programming yourself or contact expensive professionals. Now, you can build a practice WordPress website in just minutes.

Getting started may seem scary. There are so many new words and different recommendations.
But there are many website counselors who have a website already, and you need to make one too if you want to stay competitive. In this article, you’ll learn a step-by-step process to create your own practice WordPress website in just minutes.



Step 1) Setting up Your Domain



The first thing you need to do is set up the domain for your practice WordPress website. This is what people will type to get to your website. For example, if your website is, your domain is your website.

There are many ways to create a domain. For instance, you may have seen commercials for Go Daddy in the past. But the best way to create a domain for your practice WordPress website is to use Blue Host. This is your best option because Blue Host will provide you a domain for free, which is important since this is a practice WordPress website.

To get your domain from Blue Host, head over to their website. Here you can get a basic hosting plan for about sixty dollars, which will include your free domain. Hosting will be discussed more in the next step.

Setting up your domain on their website is very simple. You will simply select your plan. Then, on the next page, they’ll ask you what you’d like your domain to be. If it’s already taken, they’ll recommend similar domains from you to choose from, or you can just try something else.

Congratulations! You have a domain for your practice WordPress website.


Step 2) Choosing Hosting



By setting up your domain through A2 Hosting, you’ve already chosen them to be your host as well. What does this mean?A2 Hosting will run your website on their servers. Because your personal computer is not powerful enough for thousands of computers to access and get information from your website, A2 Hosting runs it from their servers that are strong enough.

A2 Hosting is also a strong option for hosting because you can then install WordPress with one click. This makes using WordPress on your practice WordPress website free and simple.

A2 Hosting also has strong customer service. When you get stuck, you won’t have to call a hotline and wait for up to an hour. Instead, they have a live online chat service that will get you help right away.

So, at this point, you have your website name and A2 Hosting is making it possible for your practice WordPress website to be accessed. Next, let’s install WordPress.


joomla hosting

Step 3) Install WordPress


Installing WordPress onto your practice WordPress website couldn’t be easier. First, login to your website, if you’re not already. You should automatically be logged in to your practice WordPress website since you just created it.

Next, pick a theme for your website. When you choose your theme, WordPress will automatically put all of the code into your website that will give it the look you’ve chosen for your practice WordPress website.

Once you have a theme, a message will pop up. When you see this, click start building. This will put you into the WordPress dashboard for your practice WordPress website where you can edit everything from blog posts to adding new pages. Since it’s the first time you’re accessing this page, they’ll ask you if it’s a business or personal website. For now, just click “I don’t need help,” and customize your website later how you see fit.

Right now, your practice WordPress website is offline. If people enter your domain, they’ll get a message that says it’s coming soon. You can launch your practice WordPress website once you’re happy with how it looks.

Use Elegant Themes to easily build your website.

Divi WordPress Theme

Step 4) Knowing What’s Important



Now that your website is created, it’s time to write articles that are popular for website counselors. This will be a very important part of your website because:

  • Articles are how website counselors are found on Google
  • Clients will read these articles to decide who are the best website counselors

Because of this, it’s very important you have great articles on your practice WordPress website.



Step 5) Creating Articles


Creating articles on your practice WordPress website is very simple. To get started, login to the WordPress dashboard. This is where you left off at the end of step three.

On the left side, you’ll see a long list of options. Simply click on posts. This will bring you to the page where you can manage the articles you’ve posted. Since you haven’t created any yet, the list is empty. To make your first one, click add new at the top of the page.

Now you’ll be on a page that should look similar to Microsoft Word. This is where you can create an article to show why you’re one of the best website counselors. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Click add media on the top left to add photos
  • Click the chain link in the center to add links to other website counselors
  • Use bold, italics, and bullet points to make your articles easy to read


By following these three tips, your articles will stand out above your competition. For example, by linking to other website counselors in your articles, clients will see you’ve done a lot of research and are backing up your information with facts. When other website counselors see you’ve linked to their page, they may invite you to write an article on their website. This will help more people find your website, giving you more clients.

If you’ve tried to build a website before, especially ten or twenty years ago, you may feel like it’s too complicated.

But, if you follow these five simple steps, you’ll be sure to have a website up and running right away. You’ll seem like one of the premier website counselors in no time.

Having a website is necessary as a mental health counselor today. Potential clients want to research who their counselor is before choosing one. If you don’t have a website up, you’re going to miss out on those clients that do their research.

Stop missing out on clients and get your website up and running today.

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