Private Practice Consulting

Anna Jankowska   LCPC

Consulting and coaching services for mental health counselors


A-Z of Starting a New Private Practice

I will help you create a plan how to start or expand your dream practice from individual to group



Insurance can be complicated for someone who just starts his own private practice. I will navigate you through the process of contracting with insurance

DUI Program Training and Implementation

Opening a DUI/Substance Abuse Program or expansion of an existing program with added locations including Secretary of State license reinstatement practice. Training in Evaluations, Letters of Denial Responses for individuals or groups. 

Website Creation

Creating your whole new SEO Optimized WordPress website. Or updating your already done website


Creating a marketing plan that will help you get more clients, including social media marketing. SAP marketing, DUI marketing, comprehensive private practice, branding, etc.



I provide clinical supervision for LPC’s to qualify for the state examination for LCPC. I help you get certified as CADC, DOT Certification for SAP or EAP
I have been in Private Practice since 2000
I have been providing Private Practice Consulting for the past 10 years

8 Reasons to Blog for SEO

Why is blogging good for SEO?   Whether you realize it or not, blogging is crucial for SEO. Not only does it create a ton of valuable content for potential visitors to read, it also allows you to stay ahead of the curve in your industry by constantly stay up-to-date...

Do it Yourself Brand Building in 10 Days!

Branding for Mental Health Counselors DAY 1 What is a brand?   Brand is not just a logo or advertising even though most people think it is. It is meaning behind what you do or want to do. What do people think about you? What do they say? What do they feel? What do...

Create a WordPress Website in 5 Simple Steps

Are you a mental health counselor who's looking to jumpstart your career? Or, have you had a successful career, and would like to bring in new clients? If one of these descriptions applies to you, building a practice WordPress website will help you prepare to create a...

Why Choose WordPress for SEO

When it comes to website management, choosing a CMS that makes it easy to design and manage is what many professionals want. Most look for a system that they can manipulate without involving a CMS expert. The key features to check when shopping for a platform include...

How to attract clients to your substance abuse program?

There are many types of niches in private practice, and it takes time and effort to develop your niche. I have done that several times in my business beginning with one niche and then adding another one or phasing one that was no longer financially rewarding, One of...

How to Market Your Substance Abuse Professional Services (SAP)

What is a SAP? The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulation defines the Substance Abuse Professional as a person who evaluates employees who have violated a DOT drug and alcohol regulation and makes recommendations concerning education, treatment, follow up...

Why SEO is Crucial for Your Mental Health Practice

Your website for your private practice can boost your clientele. Using search engines, a few keywords, and a good website, you can attract customers and improve visitor's knowledge of your practice. For many patients looking for health professionals, online resources...

The Importance of Niche in Private Practice

Success in private practice is not only defined by financial gains but also by our fulfillment. Many counselors do not consider counseling practice as a business and believe that it is mainly their passion. It is important that they love what they do, but they also...

How to Open a DUI Program

Credentials requirements   Anyone can open a substance abuse treatment program provided they have appropriate credentials that are required by your particular state, and they can prove to the appropriate licensing agency they are capable of running such operation. If...

From an Intern to a Private Practice Practitioner

There are different ways to begin private practice. For some counselors, private practice might be a natural progression of their growing expertise in the field or need of the community for others it is more intentional planning approach. Your beginning steps towards...


I have been in private practice since the 90s but I was not very savvy technologically and I was not able to acquire too many clients and expand my practice. Anna gave me a lot of ideas and showed me how to attract new clients and instead of closing my practice I was able to thrive. I’m grateful for her help and her heart for other people because she is the one who makes this profession great. Visia Fahrberger

I met Anna Jankowska a few years ago when I was still in graduate school. She was able to help me get my supervision towards my clinical license and taught me how to begin my counseling private practice before I even got licensed.  I was able to get a fee for service clients and when I passed my clinical exam I was already a successful counselor. I’m still expanding and using her services to navigate insurance panels and finding my specialty. Izabela Weber LCPC

I’ve been a successful licensed clinical professional counselor in private practice in the northwest Chicago suburbs for over 18 years. I attribute my success, to a great extent, to my ongoing consultation with my professional mentor and advisor, Anna Jankowska. She has always taken the time to advise me with regard to special situations that have arisen in my own practice.

She was especially helpful when I first began my practice since she has had great success in own businesses.

Anna’s knowledge and expertise are outstanding. Since we both currently specialize in numerous areas of counseling such as in Christian counseling, addictions counseling, among other areas of mental health issues, she has been a vast resource of information for me.

I am truly thankful to Anna for all that she has done to assist me. I highly recommend her to other counselors since they would greatly benefit from continuing consultation with Anna.

Lynn Bednarz

I contacted Anna for information on consultation for my own private practice. As I started consulting with Anna I immediately saw the benefits. She provided me with valuable tools and resources on how to better run my own private practice. Since I started consulting with Anna my business has doubled. I am more confident in running a private practice and I can now always contact Anna for further questions. I would highly recommend Anna for consultation services. It was one of the best investments that I could have made for myself and my business. Thanks Anna.

Sarah Wroblewski LCSW

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